#12 Listening Ahead Season Finale: G'night Australia

A very special episode this week listeners - it's Season One Finale time!

All four of your LA team are in the house to riff on the podcasts we wished we'd made (hint: if only one of our Dad's had written some erotic literature....), our fave podcasts of 2016 so far, our favourite episodes of Listening Ahead S1 and finally we go meta and start rating ourselves out of five. Spoiler: some of us are very hard markers. 

We also get in as many references to lifting the curtain and making the sausages as possible so that you can play LA Bingo at home. 

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Thanks, as always, for listening and for all your support. See you for Season 2!

The LA team 

#11 The Longest Shortest Time: Chats about the grief that is parenting

Are you a parent? Or are you surrounded by them? (Especially, god forbid, at a baby shower). 

If you're about to take the plunge, this might be the podcast for you. We follow Hillary Frank into 'The Longest Shortest Time' - the parenting podcast for everyone. 

Alice tells us her number one most irksome parent habit and we all share our memories of that terrifying birds and the bees chat. 

This episode was inspired by:

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#10 Memory Motel: Does it Spark Joy?

Oh it's getting DEEP with Memory Motel this episode.

Terence Mickey takes us back into our memories and gets into the science and stories of how memory affects our lives. But realistically, we spend a lot of time talking about our most treasured items, and our most terrible reminders of exes!

If you’ve got a recommendation of a podcast for us to listen to, please share it at listeningahead.org. We’re always listening!

This ep features grabs from http://narativ.com/podcast/everything-in-its-right-place/

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#09 The Intern: Wanting New York to love you so badly

Remember your first job? It was probably something like The Intern.

We follow Allison Behringer behind the scenes of start-up life at Betaworks in New York City (is that lifting up the curtain or watching the sausage get made?) .

We’ll reminisce about asking for pay rises, spend some real quality time following a trip to Ikea and Alice will get on her feminist soapbox.

This ep features grabs from https://soundcloud.com/thenewyorkintern/money-on-the-mind

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